Collections Management

how I might be able to assist you…

I have over 25 years experience of working with collections, across the archives, libraries and museum sectors. Throughout my career, my roles have always placed emphasis on making a visible improvement to the service as a result I can provide advice and support on the following aspects of collections management.

  • Survey collection(s) to determine the resources required to catalogue it to national standards, for example for Archives Revealed Scoping grants¬†
  • Sorting personal or business papers and providing guidance on what should be retained based on its legal, evidential or historical value
  • Develop a cataloguing prioritisation framework to inform future collections work
  • Getting the most from your collections management system – I have experience of Axiell’s CALM & KE Emu, Artefactual’s AtoM and Metadatis Epexio systems
  • Produced guidance to support archive services involved in large cultural infrastructure projects including City of Culture and London Borough of Culture.¬†
  • Defining a digitisation programme to make key resources available online
  • Procuring and implementing a collections management system
  • Reviewing collections policies ahead of Archives Accreditation application

If you have an idea or a proposal you would like to discuss with me please use the contact form to get in touch.