Digital Preservation

how I might be able to assist you…

I have over 12 years experience of working with born-digital archives. Throughout this period my work has focused on the practical aspects and making the transition so that all members of the team support the work relating to born-digital archives. As a result I can provide advice and support on the following aspects of digital preservation:

  • Undertaking a non-intrusive survey of collections for digital content
  • Undertaking an audit of born-digital material using DROID software to understand how much material is held and in which file formats to determine future activities
  • Using the DPC-Rapid Assessment Model as a framework for assessing and then developing your digital preservation capabilities
  • Having conversations with depositors about born-digital archives
  • Establishing a digital forensic workstation
  • Approaches to cataloguing and providing access to born-digital archives
  • Supporting staff so that born-digital material can become part of ‘business as usual’
  • Advocating with senior managers about the importance of business practices and digital preservation to the entire organisation
  • Creating, reviewing and updating digital preservation policies
  • How born-digital archives might become a seamless element of the institution’s collection management process and workflows
  • The integrated links between records retention and digital preservation

I always work within an institution’s specific technical environment and support existing relationships with ICT, collections management and digital preservation suppliers.

See my blogs on digital preservation topics including forensic workstation, digital preservation policies, software and related events.

If you have an idea or a proposal you would like to discuss with me please use the contact form to get in touch.